Plastic Grease Trap

Plastic Grease Trap:

As leaders in the industry, a plastic grease trap from Viking Plastics is meticulously manufactured to the highest standards..

Viking Plastics has been fabricating plastic grease traps for over 50 years.

Viking’s grease traps are made from polyethylene and other poly materials for increased efficiency and durability – particularly when placed in heavy use.  Plastic grease traps have increased longevity as they do not rust like metal grease traps.  Plastic grease traps are also easier to repair than below ground concrete tanks. When a concrete tank becomes cracked or the walls fracture, the old tank will often be replaced by lowering a plastic tank into the eroded concrete unit.

Every aspect of plastic grease traps can be custom made to your specifications. This is particularly useful where there are site restrictions.  Plastic tanks can be installed above or below ground or inside a basement area.  Viking Plastics also have the expertise to construct plastic grease traps onsite.  Individual components can be moved into position and plastic welded in situ.

Viking Plastics manufacture and supply above ground and below ground traps in a range of sizes.  All products are approved for use by local water authorities.

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plastic grease trap
20,000 litre below ground Paneltim plastic grease trap