Paint Collection Tanks: National Art School Case Study

The National Art School (NAS) has around 30 trade waste tanks onsite including paint collection tanks, acid neutralizing tanks and plaster traps. NAS is a higher education provider offering specialised study in studio arts practice.  NAS has been in operation on the historic Darlinghurst Gaol site in East Sydney since 1922.  NAS are going through the process of replacing their old metal paint collection tanks with plastic tanks fabricated by Viking Plastics.

Thus far around a dozen paint collection tanks have been upgraded.  Says Scott Clement, NAS Facilities Administrator, “all [Viking tanks] have been very easy to install and maintain.”  There have been immediate benefits for NAS.  Clement states the Viking tanks are “much easier to drain before disconnection and clean out.”  When asked why, Clement offers: “the larger 72 litre capacity, opposed to the old 35 litre tanks means the trap needs to be cleaned out fewer times per year – only three times a year for high use. The Viking Plastics baffle system is a very simple design with no internal basket…our old traps have baskets that would silt up in a matter of weeks and reduce water flow.  As a result our sinks would take a long time to drain. The Viking paint collection tanks have a simplified baffle system that traps solids and doesn’t affect water flow.”

To download the specification for Viking Plastics’ Paint Collection Tanks, click here.

paint collection tanks