Above Ground Thin Skin Mixing Tank

Application: Photographic laboratories


A mixing tank has baffles that promote a mixing action. This assists in the dilution of chemicals before flowing to sewer.

Click on the links below to download Installation & Maintenance Guidelines and Technical Drawings.


Installation & Maintenance Guidelines

Viking Catalogue Product Page


Technical Drawings

Part No. Capacity (Litres)
TP5AG-67 67
TP5AG-100 100
TP5AG-150 150
TP5AG-200 200
TP5AG-250 250
TP5AG-300 300
TP5AG-400 400
TP5AG-500 500
TP5AG-600 600
TP5AG-750 750
TP5AG-1000 1000
TP5AG-1100 1100