Grease Trap Sizing

Grease Trap Sizing:

What size grease trap will my business need?

grease trap sizing
Grease trap sizing: 100 litres – 10,000 litres

Grease trap sizing and design criteria is set by the local water authority in each state and territory of Australia.  Thus, grease trap sizing and design will vary from region to region.

Not all trade waste waste tanks need to be made to an approved design. Grease traps are different from other trade waste tanks as grease traps must be made to a design approved by the relevant local water authority.

Different methods are used to determine the right grease trap sizing for each application.

For example, if the grease trap is required for a restaurant, the seating capacity helps to determine the size.  If the restaurant has a large number of seats, then a larger capacity grease trap is required.  Alternatively, the litre allowance for every appliance and fixture in the restaurant’s food preparation area is determined.  The largest figure of these two methods is used to determine the correct capacity grease trap for the restaurant.

Viking Plastics’ grease traps are approved in virtually all regions of Australia. We will supply and deliver the correctly designed grease trap for your particular locality.

Viking Plastics supplies a range of standard size grease traps from 100 to 20,000 litre above ground traps and 600 – 10,000 litre below ground grease traps.  Depending on space and installation limitations, Viking can also custom fabricate equivalent capacity grease traps for your application.

For a list of local water authorities, click here.  For more information and expert advice, contact Viking Plastics on 03 9587 2297