Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap

Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap:

If you manage a retail food business or restaurant, you’ll need a commercial kitchen grease trap. This is because food outlets produce waste, such as cooking oil, grease and food solids.  Waste discharged directly into our sewers can cause:

  • blockages and overflows
  • overload wastewater treatment plants, and
  • cause major pollution problems in our rivers and on our beaches.

If you cook or serve hot food, you must install a grease trap and have a trade waste agreement with your local Water Authority.  You will need the services of a plumber to correctly install your commercial kitchen grease trap.

Wastewater from food preparation areas, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, floor wastes, and garbage areas should all flow to your grease trap.  Ideally, a grease trap for a commercial kitchen should be installed as close to the source of grease as possible.  This is so that pipes between the kitchen and the grease trap don’t clog with grease.  Kitchen wastewater should preferably drain by gravity to the grease trap and then by gravity to the sewer.

Viking Plastics supply above ground and below ground grease traps.  The size grease trap you require will depend on the size of your food premises.  Viking Plastics can also custom make equivalent capacity grease traps where there are space limitations.

Viking Plastics offer Australia wide delivery and expert advice.

For further information, including tank options and cleaning frequency, visit Viking Plastics website or call 03 9587 2297.



Above ground commercial kitchen grease trap constructed of Paneltim.