Custom Size Grease Trap

Custom Size Grease Trap:

Viking Plastics recently received a request for a 3000 litre above ground custom size grease trap.  The trap needed to be installed in a very difficult location within a new restaurant in Duckboard Place, just off Flinders Lane in Melbourne CBD.

The only available location to install the grease trap was at ground level. This just happened to be at the bottom of a seven story light shaft in between four buildings! Access was difficult, through a narrow passage way, down a stair well and through a small doorway.  The grease trap needed to be installed behind an existing retaining wall in a very narrow space.

As a result, the only way this installation could be done was to construct the grease trap on-site. Due to the difficult location and complexities on site, the custom size grease trap was manufactured from Paneltim.  Paneltim is a 50mm thick plastic sandwich panel with a strong internal cross-rib cell structure which results in a lightweight yet very rigid panel in both length and width. Consequently, the individual components of the grease trap were lowered over the side of a two level balcony and constructed on top of a scaffold before finally being winched into position.

Every aspect of the grease trap was customised. Most noteworthy, was that the tank had to fit into a narrow space, all pipe-work had to be located at one end and an internal pump out port had to be fitted. Viking’s experience in customised tank fabrication really came to the fore in this very challenging installation.

Duckboard Place custom size grease trap
Grease trap being winched into position