Acid Neutralising Tank

Application: Laboratories or metal etching workshops


An acid neutralising tank is fitted with three internal baffles.  Liquid and acidic waste passing through the tank filters through marble chips which neutralises the pH balance before flowing out to the sewer.

Click on the links below to download Installation & Maintenance Guidelines and Technical Drawings.


Installation & Maintenance Guidelines

Viking Catalogue Product Page


Technical Drawings

Part No. Capacity (Litres)
NTP6AG-67 67
NTP6AG-100 100
NTP6AG-150 150
NTP6AG-200 200
NTP6AG-250 250
NTP6AG-300 300
NTP6AG-400 400
NTP6AG-500 500
NTP6AG-600 600
NTP6AG-750 750
NTP6AG-1000 1000
NTP6AG-1100 1100